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A short introduction

intro 2

I've been using ProcessWire for over a year, and time has come to replace my old WordPress based website with this one, built on ProcessWire, more specifically on the recently introduced, brand new and somewhat beta site profile called "Uikit 3 site/blog profile". You can read the related post here to learn more about this profile.

To summarize the linked article I would like to highlight a two features of this new site profile: it is built on UIkit 3 beta (which has also been released recently to the public), and includes a PHP library of UIkit-specific functions, which is an additional extra library to utilize.

But what about the main topic of this blog?

That's a good question I asked myself too :) Actually, I would like to write about ProcessWire based website development, which is a rather broad topic, so I need to somewhat narrow it down in order to get more focused, which is normally the way I like doing things.

The focus will be on helping beginners to get started with ProcessWire. And by beginners I mean anyone willing to take the time to start learning this cutting edge CMS/CMF which I also like calling a PHP framework, just because it can easily rival any PHP frameworks out there. (Take a look at this to see why I use the word "rival".)

Newcomers and beginners need to understand a lot of concepts before they can really start to appreciate what ProcessWire has to offer. I will do my best to summarize all sorts of topics that can help with the very first steps involved in the process. In order to do so, I think it is best to build upon something that can be used to jump-start development and this brand new Uikit 3 site/blog site profile is just right for this purpose. It will serve as a solid starting point. Of course, it is brand new, still under development but what is not in IT? :)

Coming up next

Enough of this talk for now, see you next time when I will write about installing this blog from "scratch" – the one you are browsing right now :). No programming background will be needed, meaning you can expect a step-by-step tutorial with some external links to dive into more if needed.


  • Kongondo

    • 2 years ago
    Excellent first post! Congratulations on the new site and looking forward to those tuts!
  • Szabesz

    • 2 years ago
    Thank you for your encouraging words, Kongondo! Without the help of the ProcessWire forum it would be hard to make this a success endeavor, but luckily it is there with all the friendly PW developers.

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