Gábor Novoszádi – Interactive Media Designer

About Me

I have been working in the advertising industry for more than 26 years. During these years I worked as a graphic designer and art director and as a developer too.

At the age of 14 I just could not help fiddling with computer programming, especially anything related to CG and interactivity, such as game design and development. No wonder I started my carrier as a graphic designer working on a Mac designing DTP materials.

I used to do multimedia CD-ROM and ActionScript development, and just to showcase my programming skills, I also got a Bachelor of Science Degree in Informatics, specializing in multimedia and website development. I have years of experience in 3D modeling, SFX and animation too.

Years have passed by and I am still enjoying the work with all the new technologies of desktop publishing, CGI and web development. You know, I’m the kinda creative guy who loves design, motion graphics and coding.